we are the champions!

it is over
last night was my final curling match for the 2007-08 season. it was the open tournament club championship and yes my team did win. woohoo! we had a great game where everything was clicking. it worked out even better when it turned out that the other team was having the exact opposite kind of night. it was sweet.

by the way, i thought i would also throw y’all another photo. this one is of the almost 20″ small mouth i caught yesterday.
almost over

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  1. Well done. I now have a son who is a champion curler and another who is an assistant coach for his step sons La Cross team. Never mind that he has never played a game, he hasn’t even watched one. Should wind up as city champions.

  2. neither of us ate. i caught him jigging so it was a artificial bate and since i usually practice catch and release he went back into the water instead of my stomach. if you ever up in the states in the winter i can take you curling.

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