recent movies

this is not going to be much of a post but i still thought i would put down a few thoughts concerning the movies i’ve seen with my family within the past week or so.

  • iron man – wow! what a great movie. one of the best super hero movies ever. tons of other people have said really good things concerning iron man and i can’t top them so i want even try. go read some real reviews and you’ll see that the movie is great.
  • prince caspian – not bad. i don’t think it was as good a rendition as the wardrobe was but it was still very true to the book (except for the kiss at the end) and that’s what was most important to me. reepicheep is amazing. he’s spot on for character but i would say his image should be a wee bit taller.
  • indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull – crap! enough said.
  • spamalot – yes i know this is a play but it’s so incredible that i just needed to say something. we took the boys to see it in minneapolis. it was every bit as good as when we saw it in nyc. it’s what a comedy should be. we laughed the entire night.