Sara Tucholsky got a lift from Central Washington\'s Liz Wallace, left, and Mallory Holtman.this story is so cool.

western oregon and central washington are playing the game that will determine who has the lead in their ncaa division ii conference (which is important for the tournament). senior sara tucholsky hits the only homerun of her college career and as she is running the bases misses first base. she turns around to go back at touch the base and her knee suddenly goes out. while she lays on the ground the team and officials realize that if anyone from her own team touches her then she is out. their only option appears to be for a pitch runner to come in for her on first base and thus her homerun would be erased (again the only one of her college career). this is when a senior on the other team comes up and asks to carry her around the bases. this is amazing sports*woman*ship.

pointing to grant as he points to someone else

grant posted concerning a post on tom peter’s blog concerning his thoughts for leaders. it’s good stuff.

i think my favorite is …

6. make sure that you spend your time on the things you say are your priorities.
if you say you love GOD, spend time with HIM. if you say you love people, spend time with them.

SIDE NOTE – i finished the nomadic church: growing your congregation withou owning a building and it was excellent. obviously, i’m not an expert on this because we haven’t started services at tapestry (of course, i still won’t be an expert after we start services). it has such great advice in it while still covering theology & theory concerning why you would want a nomaid church. if i were making a list of “must reads” for church planters this book would definitely be on that list.

my mom is right

i just checked my email and noticed a message from my mother concerning my last post. she pointed out that what they are doing is not incredible. i had forgotten about an incident that she reminded me of. when i was much younger and living in dothan, alabama we could hear the screams of a mother two blocks over. she was screaming because he son had decided to skateboard while holding onto his mother’s car bumper. she didn’t know this and backed up instead of pulling forward. the thought of a mother being the means of her own child’s death is not something i want to remember.

so what they are doing is not incredible. it’s stupid.

but it would be cool if done by professional stunt people under a controlled environment.