more random, meaningless thoughts

just some things that are bouncing around in my life at the moment

  • today was the last day of school for both my boys. i am now the parent of a high school student (9th grade) and a middle school student (6th grade). i am old.
  • i really like the flickr video feature. the main reason that i like it is because 90 seconds really is only long enough for a “long photo” (as flickr describes it). i think i am going to start posting such “long photos.” the one above is such an example. it’s was the end of school today and thus the beginning of summer vacation. what better way to begin summer vacation than by eatting some belt’s ice cream?
  • today i took another step towards tapestry having public worship services. i turned in our reservations for use of washing elementary school for our sunday evening services. now it has to be approved and everything will be finalized.
  • when jimmy carter was president my family’s finances went through a distinct downturn (thus my dad still cannot stand jimmy carter). since i was a kid at the time i didn’t understand a great deal of ,the impact of that downturn. but one thing i did know was that we suddenly developed a habit of eating meals that connected with each other (i.e. roast one night and roast beef hash the next, ham one night and pinto bean soup with ham hock the next night, etc.). this resulted in a pinto bean soup that i absolutely loved. when our finances took a dramatic upturn, and my brother an i were teens, we started to eat out allot and pinto bean soup went the way of the dodo. that is until yesterday. pam quizzed my mom and replicated pinto bean soup. it was amazing. there is little that is as good as pinto bean soup with cornbread and pepper in it. i ate two more bowls of it today and my stomach is happy. đŸ™‚
  • i have some really good friends in ministry and i am thankful every time i get to connect with any of them. i got to connect with two of them today and it was quite enjoyable.
  • there are times when being a minister who really wants to connect with the community can be a little strange. today was one of those days. yes, there is a story. no, i’m not going to tell it to you.
  • i am getting closer and closer to convincing myself that a canoe is a ministry need in central wisconsin. the intervarsity campus minister at uwsp is the one who is convincing me of this. fishing is a great way to connect with people and the canoe forces you to have a common experience. now i just need to find out if the canoe will be tax deductible or not. of course, if someone had a canoe that they wanted to donate to me that would be okay too. đŸ˜‰
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