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i sent in my tuition for nobts today thus making me official as a student again. woohoo, here come student discounts!

anyway, this means life is back like it should be. of the nearly 18 years that pam and i have been married 12 of those years have involved at least one of us being a student of higher education. the only years where one of us wasn’t a student was our time in carthage, missouri and even then pam ended up working as an part time instructor at missouri southern state college (now missouri southern state university). someone being in college is our default operation.

this is actually one of the reasons that i encourage college students who have been dating a long time and are convinced they will eventually get married to go ahead and take the plunge. i’ve done university life both as a single guy and a married guy. college life is a ton better when you have to pull an all nighter and there’s someone there to catch the load you have to drop.

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 52:42
pace – 10:32/mile

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