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i was wondering what other wifi hotspots people might know of within the point area. the reason i ask is because with school being out my summer "office" is any place that has an open wifi network. i love my kids, and i love spending time with them, but when i need to concentrate then them being home is no longer a good thing. since laptops and cell phones have made a portable office a realistic thing i can escape the joyous noise of summer vacation when i need to and get a little administrative stuff done. siof course, i’ve already been doing this for awhile since moving up to the point area, but now i have to do it a little more. this means i’m looking for more spots to be able to connect (both with wifi and with new people). as i was driving to emy j’s south today i notice that mcdonald’s had a sign up saying "wifi here." i stopped in to ask them about it. i’m not a big fan of mickey d’s (in fact, i pretty much despise their sandwiches) but i would gladly stop there and buy a diet coke in order to use their wifi. unfortunately they thought it would be a good idea to charge for thei wifi. darn them! being my father
s child i am far too cheap to actually pay for wifi. the sad thing is that i was really excited about mcdonald’s having wifi because this would have meant that i could grab coffee in the morning (at emy j’s) and diet coke in the afternoon (at mickey d’s).

so i’m still on the look out for other free spots. here are the ones i know of at the moment:

  • emy j’s (north & south)
  • arby’s (this is a pepsi company so it’s pretty low on my list)
  • perkins resturant (unlike a coffee shop or fast food place they’re not real keen on you sitting there with a laptop)
  • applebee’s (ditto)
  • centerpoint marketplace (this is the downtown "mall" which i haven’t used for surfing yet so i’m not sure what the experience would be like)

anyone, know of any others?

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  1. Check with your cell phone provider, we have AT&T and they furnish 1000s of hot spots. If you use their cell service they lwt you have free access to those hot spots. Well, on second thought I think it is theor DSL service that lets you use their hotspots.

    Love ya,

    Your cheap dad

  2. Gratzie’s (in case you’re out with your wife for dinner and need to check the latest apple news)

    The library has free wifi too, I believe.

    The mall experience isn’t horrible. It’s not great either. You have to be in the “food court” (i think that’s what it is) for it to work. I got it to work on my iPod Touch.

    I love emy js south.

  3. @ben – thanks. i had forgotten about the library. i’ve used the study rooms there before. i just saw that gratzie’s had wifi. i haven’t tried it yet. there’s a “food court” in centerpoint?

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