an answered prayer

kids at our house

for me the scariest part of moving to wisconsin to plant tapestry was how my kids would react. i’ve seen too many ministers move to new areas with little regard for their kids and as a result having their kids grow to hate the bride of CHRIST (i.e. the church). when pam and i prayed about moving we probably prayed the most about our kids adjusting to the new area and making connection with new friends. in fact, if you receive the tapestry prayer email that i send out each month then you probably remember me asking quite often for you to pray for my kids in regard to this matter. anyhow it’s summer vacation and we presently have 7 kids hanging out at our house (2 of which are ours) after a night of 3 additional kids sleeping over at our house. to some of you this may not seem like a good thing but i promise you pam and i are celebrating. it’s a huge answer to prayer and we are celebrating.

if your children spend most of their time in other people’s houses, you’re lucky; if they all congregate at your house, you’re blessed. ~mignon mclaughlin

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  1. robert! it’s so awesome to see one of your main concerns so evidently taken care of by the One who called you out. i love it. but seriously… we’ve always known the terrell boys were two of the coolest kids around. we should not even be surprised. it’s in their DNA to fit in without trying. just like their parents.

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