we’re not superstitious, we’re just a little stitious


for the fun of it the family and i decided to make my mom’s day and take some friday the 13th photos. you see my mom is just a tiny bit superstitious. 😉

anyhow, here they are:

DSC_0006_edited-1 DSC_0016_edited-2 DSC_0048_edited-1



8 Replies to “we’re not superstitious, we’re just a little stitious”

  1. I have had my fingers crossed for over 24 hours now, maybe I have relieved some of the pressure. Cute, real cute. 🙂


  2. only the Terrell’s would do something like that,that is one thing i love about yall you all are crazy,goofy,and down right more entertaining than a home improvement episode

    yall= the Taylor family minus one ,that one would = Brad

    You=Tim Taylor
    MS Pam = ur wife Jill

    Adam = Randy

    Noah = Mark

    and if ya had Chris Mohawk up their that would be AL Borland

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