things i have learned from my dad (thus far)


just a quick list of things i have learned from my dad thus far:

  • fishing is better than hunting because it doesn’t do much good to practice “catch and release” with an animal you have just shot.
  • if you work at it you can have an enjoyable conversation with most anybody.
  • outside of abuse and the complete disregard of the promises made within marriage divorce is NEVER an option, though murder might be. 🙂
  • you can fix every problem in the world with 4 things: a band-aid, a pocket knife, a pen, and a quarter (the new list changes the quarter to a cell phone or calling card)
  • you should never pay someone to do what you can do around your own home unless they do it much better – i.e. fix and build everything you can and you’ll have a sense of pride about it
  • you’re never to old to learn something new (i.e. picking up computers when you’re in your mid-40s and becoming an expert on them or learning and practicing moped repair when your in your mid-60s)
  • always call your mother
  • if your oldest son accidentally looses 4 anchors in one day you should NEVER EVER let him forget it. 🙂
  • if you are going to spend time grilling a good piece of meat then you should do so over charcoal.
  • shorts and suspenders may look awful but they work well (i may have learned this but i’m not practicing it).
  • treat everyone fairly.
  • despite the fact that there are some people who give the profession a bad name, being a sales person is an honorable profession.

there are many more things that i could post but that list will do for now. happy father’s day dad.


SIDE NOTE – my father’s day present from pam and the boys was an eye-fi card. woohoo!

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  1. You left off the one about taking your teenage sons to the mall while wearing shorts, suspenders, tall black socks and wingtip shoes.

    Love ya,


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