it’s better than a good day in the office

i spent some time with andy, the intervarsity campus minister, today and as usually happens he took me fishing (which is a great thing). i had two firsts today: 1) i have never caught a catfish on a crankbait before (i’ve always caught cats on live bait or stink bait) and 2) i’ve never caught a white bass before (they supposedly taste quite good but i wasn’t too impressed with their fight). both of those happened today. in addition i caught a great deal of other fish and thanks to andy i now know a great spot for small mouth bass which i love catching. i can hardly wait for the water level to go down so i can wade this area and fly fish it. i am willing to bet money that catching a smallmouth bass on a fly rod is a life changing experience.

i can’t believe i have gone my whole life without access to a constant stream of smallmouth bass.

of course, i have to get a canoe to reach this spot but that’s going to work out eventually.

IMG_1415 IMG_1413

i have to go by the tomorrow river thursdy and saturday and i’m definitely going to take at least one of those days to try out a little trout fishing on it. i’ve missed trout fishing so much.

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  1. I love you and your fishy ways and am THRILLED that we are back in flyfishing territory again for you. You look cute in your waders! 😉

  2. Not only mosquitoes, but we hovered around the high 50s and low 60s with constant wind that was downright chilly! I wore a sweater all day yesterday.

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