penza and disc golf

noah and i went to play disc golf with penza this afternoon. we went to yulga which is not a smart place to take a kid for his first time playing disc golf.

man, that’s a hard course.

for those who have never played disc golf i’ll tell you the reason that yulga is so hard … trees. as you can tell from the photo above someone thought it would be fun to set up a disc golf course in the middle of a pine forest. all i know is that it’s frustrating because trees and flying discs don’t mix very well.

SIDE NOTE – while i’m not sure who i will be voting for in our upcoming presidential race (neither candidate sees things exactly as i do – for example, obama supports abortion, mccain supports the death penalty, i am pro-life and thus opposed to both) i would like to say that james dobson does not speak for me. i don’t think dobson treated obama’s statements fairly at all.

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