thanks mom & dad

guide 147

thanks to a surprise from my mom & dad i’ll be buying a canoe sooner than i had thought. the model above is the one i’m looking at. it’s an old town guide 147. the current models are only in green and red but dunham sports has a model from last year that’s yellow. oh yeah, i like the yellow. since i’m going to preach at a youth camp next week (RANDOM PERSONAL ADVERTISMENT – if there are any other camps or retreats that need a preacher/teacher i would gladly do them, more for the opportunity to be involved in youth ministry again than any money i would get paid – especially since next week’s camp pays nothing) so i’ll look into buying it the week after. this of course, means that i will now have the ability to take people to the small mouth spot that andy showed me. woohoo!

thanks again mom & dad.

SIDE NOTE – i ran into ben (associate pastor of good shepherd luteran church in plover) and he introduced me to cha cha. i love it. basically it’s a service that you can call and leave your question on. they will then find the answer on the internet and text it to your phone. it’s great. i’ve already used it several times today to get the answers to questions that i was merely curious about. it’s up there with jott & googlesms/goog411 on my short list of numbers all people most have on their cell phones. thanks ben.

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 51:45
pace – 10:21/mile
weather – 72°

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  1. I owned that model canoe in red for almost 12 years, you should be happy – we loved it but moved into tandem kayaks so we can go with our kids.

  2. Brett from Dial Directions here. Another useful number to have: 1-DIR-ECT-IONS (347-328-4667).

    Just call 1-DIR-ECT-IONS from any cell phone, speak your start and destination address or intersection, and receive by text message turn-by-turn driving directions. Super easy and it is free. Only your carrier charges for talk and SMS may apply.

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