the family shot


there is a group of ra’s in thorndale, texas that is praying for us and tapestry. they’ve asked for a photo of the terrell family that they could use within their church for encouraging others to pray for what is happening within tapestry and the point area. of course, we’re all over the idea of people joining us in prayer so we went out to the wisconsin river this afternoon to get a family photo for them. because of some already established plans we had to do this when the sun was still pretty bright and in our eyes but i love this spot so much that we’ll be going back out and taking a real family photo once adam and i get back from the camps we are going to. we live in an amazingly gorgeous place.

this other photo is just an odd one from our excursion. there was a fun one of adam but he has asked me not to put it up. DSC_0082_edited-1

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  1. Well, all I can say is that I am glad that I was on line when you sent out Tapestry email, or It would have been tomorrow before I got to see these pictures. I am amazed at the change in the boys. It looks like Adam is as tall as you (once he gets past the teenage shouch stage) and Noah is not far behind.

  2. Oh, you won’t believe Adam the next time you see him! He’s lost all “baby fat,” is getting an angular man face, muscling up, and his voice has changed. He’s also as tall as I am now. It all just happened since we moved here. He definitely looks more like a man and less like a kid. Kinda freaks me out! Noah is still tall, like he’s always been, but the gap between he and Adam has actually widened.

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