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everyone i have talked to concerning planting a portable church has told me to try and have contingency plans for as much as you can. so of this means have duplicates for everything possible. several of the people i have talked to have described how often they have computer problems (laptops take a decent amount of abuse). therefore several have recommended having a second laptop. that’s why i’m looking at an ultra portable for a back up computer. they are extremely small, solid state (thus no moving parts) and relatively cheap. the asus 901 should be coming out in the u.s. this week. depending upon what the street price for this thing ends up being it will probably be the computer i get for tapestry’s spare. it’s a small little bugger that would do everything we need. in fact, i might use it to send out a live feed of the service via the internet.

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  1. Being a resident techy, I may be able to offer some advice. SSD’s (Solid State Drives) are faster, and there are no moving parts, however the price tag is the kicker, plus as of recent the largest I’ve seen (in a reasonable price range) is 64gb. I don’t know how much data you need but you may want to consider getting an external HDD. I have the Western Digital passport 250gb. It costs $100 and the good thing is all it requires is the USB cable which is great. Regardless having a backup Laptop/computer is always a plus. I personally have a desktop and a Laptop, the desktop is custom built, and then the laptop is the IBM/Lenovo thinkpad t60. Its a great laptop, and when coupled with ubuntu linux it runs like a $3,000 laptop. On a side note I noticed that you have a blog(obviously) and a Flickr account. I can only imagine that you have a facebook and maybe twitter as well. I just wanted to throw this idea out there, there are many youth groups that are using these new web 2.0 tools to stay connected and to interact with their youth group. Some new and excited things are being down with this. We help churches and other organizations integrate these WEB 2.0 tools into their community, to create an “always connected” network of people and to to make collaboration more fluid. I think its something you should look into.

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