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the past week i’ve been preaching at the bay lakes associational camp for the past week. this was the first time i’ve been at a youth camp without a youth ministry that i was leading. it left me with a decent amount of free time. i used most of it hanging out with teens at the camp but i used the rest of it enjoying bird lake, which camp bird is located on. it was great week first because i thoroughly enjoyed being involved in youth ministry again and secondly because i caught a ton of fish. 🙂

seriously, it was a blast getting to be involved in youth ministry again. i really enjoyed connecting with the youth and getting to be a part of a couple of volunteers mapping out how they are going to start an active youth ministry within their churches.

SIDE NOTE – i promise i’m going to eventually stop posting as much about fishing. it’s just been popping up a good bit because in the past 9 months in wisconsin i have fished more than i did in 7 years in baton rouge. baton rouge has some great fishing but its mainly motorboat based fishing which is not my personal favorite. i like being close/in the water via wading and canoes. this is a great combination for wisconsin but it wasn’t as great for louisiana because of alligators and water moccasins.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i want to send out a big “thanks” to all the members of the ring community church. they regularly pray for us and tapestry. apparently they were praying again on thursday because i received several texts throughout the day saying that people had just prayed for us. thanks ringers. you’re the greatest.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – happy 4th!

SIDE SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – i’m watching tv for the first time in a week and “blazing saddles” is on. woohoo!

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