meeting the griffiths


the terrells and the griffiths in the alley in front of the safe house pam is connected with a couple of different forums. one of these is pastor’s wives which as you could probably guess is a group of pastor’s wives who talk about various things relating to their lives. anyhow, every now and then we end up meeting someone from around the country that pam knows from the forum. yesterday we met the leader of the foru and her husband – larry and romona griffith. they are from thorndale, texas and the cool thing is that they have their ra’s praying for us. ra’s is a kids program that is kind of a combination of boy scouts and a missions program. since, adam and noah were at one time ra’s we all find it pretty cool that these little guys are praying for us.

look at the red letters for "safe house"we ended up eating at the safe house in milwaukee which was a blast. the  food was decent but if you like espionage the atmosphere was great.  basically the restaurant is made up like a spy safe house. it’s in an alley, there’s no real restaurant sign out front (instead there are a couple of signs that say “international exporters ltd” as pictured above and to the side), you have to know a password to get in (or you have to perform some task they give you – which is caught on closed circuit tv and broadcast all over the restaurant for everyone to enjoy), the rooms are full of spy stuff and there is even a secret exit through a phone booth. it was quite cool. touristy but that was fine and dandy because we were tourist.

SIDE NOTE – i have a friend’s rss feed that for some reason is every now and then showing a long list of less than savory links at the end of his posts on just the rss feed. i’m not entirely sure that this is not an issue with two of my computers but as of yet the virus and spyware software is not finding anything. if you read my blog through an rss feeder and a list of such links comes up would you please notify me. has anyone header of someone’s feed being spammed?

SIDE SIDE NOTE – bastille days in milwaukee began yesterday and therefore we stopped by for a little while. we were there last year and loved it and the boys loved it yesterday. the greatest part (for me) was the fact that the wisconsin basset rescue society was there and they gave us information on bassetfest. i desperately want to take montana and roux to bassetfest. imagine 300-400 basset hounds running loose in a park. oh what fun.

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