rave card

rave card 2

i’m working on a “rave card” (basically a 4”x6” card) to start handing out to people as a reminder of the tapestry launch that is coming up soon (september 14th). once the “rave card” is finished it will probably also turned into some door hangers and perhaps a billboard for a month.

this is just the first mock up of the front of the card. the back will be full of information. the model for the picture is the daughter of one of our friends/neighbors. as you can tell from the look on her face, she’s fun.

i’m just posting this up here to get a few people’s opinion. any thoughts?

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  1. Is “we” suppose to be “we’re”?

    The website text is a little difficult to read when glancing at it (at least on my monitor)

  2. Don’t change a thing! Did you design it? Tell whoever (or is it whomever?) did it that they did a wonderful job.

    Make sure to send your mom and me (or is it I?) one to put in our memories book.

    Love ya,


  3. @ ben & miguel – thanks.

    @dad – yeah it’s mine. i’ll be changing alot. along with some of the helpful hints i’m getting from people on the blog, i’ve also sent it to the church marketing lab on flickr and they too have posted some wonderfully helpful thoughts. i’ll be changing a good bit of it. you can read their thoughts here

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