CHRISTian the lion

this is the video i talked about with the tapestry launch team today at lunch.

basically these two guys raised a lion from cub to lion. when he was too big they figured out a way to release him into the wilds of africa. after a year they wanted to visit and see how he was doing. when they got to africa they were told that CHRISTian (the lion) was now the head of his pride and would not remember him for he was now completely wild. this video is what happened.

it gets a little sappy at the end but it’s still cool.


ht pamela

my discing for the day
course – mead
holes – 9
score – +1

my run for the day
distance – 3.0 miles
time – 34:31
pace = 11:31/mile
weather – 66°/clear

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