i’m in the process of having to produce signage for the inside and outside of washington elementary when we are in the building. right now it looks like group imaging is going to offer the best deal for portable and easy to put up signs (but i’m very open to other companies if someone knows a better one).

anyhow here are the two 3’x7’ signs that i will probably be ordering for inside the building. these come with an easily collapsible stand.

any thoughts?

inside banner 1 copy inside banner 2 copy

here’s what i’m looking at for the portable sign for outside. it’s 3’x9’ with grommets. woohoo!

outside banner copy

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  1. Robert:

    We use a company out of California called Outreach. They are quite good and VERY affordable. The down side is that they really like for you to use “prepackaged designs.” They can do some costumizing. BUT…they also have a miriad of other services for churches. One thing we use that is sooooo affordable is their access to data bases of people moving into your area. They merge this info and send a “welcome to the neighborhood card” to those people from your church. I realize as I read your blog that your approach to Tapestry is really refreshing. Outreach can be “old school” sometimes but, I think, worth a look.

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