this is a problem

love like JESUS
i saw this sign when i was at the lifeway bookstore at new orleans seminary. i know the sign is just for some cheesy religious merchandise but it still made me sad.

seems to me that one of the biggest problems those of us who are believers in JESUS face is believing that we can “love like JESUS” without great sacrifice. the new testament portrays the love of JESUS as costly for HIM. the problem is that we try to get by with love that doesn’t require a great deal of sacrifice. no wonder people think the church is stupid. they see the obvious sacrifice of JESUS and clearly recognize that those of us who claim HIS name aren’t doing the same thing. no wonder we’re viewed as hypocrites.

two great things


this afternoon i got to do two things i love: 1)talk with someone concerning youth ministry, and 2)fish for smallmouth bass. josh is helping to start the youth ministry at tapestry’s sponsoring church, fellowship church in waupaca. when he asked if we could get together and talk about youth ministry i asked if we could do it while fishing (i haven’t been in three weeks so i was going through the d.t.’s). it made for a great afternoon. i have no doubt that josh is going to do great in youth ministry because he has a wonderful heart.

SIDE NOTE – since i no longer have a study all my books are disorganized in a ton of boxes. therefore, if anyone has a spare copy of “the first two years of youth ministry” by doug fields (which i think is the best starting youth ministry book around – even though i’m not a purpose driven guy) i know someone who could put it to good use. actually if you want to get frid of any youth ministry books let me know. email me and i’ll connect you with josh.

IMG_0605SIDE SIDE NOTE – i caught this 22” catfish on a shallow running shad rap.  the fish bite all the way through the bottom inch of balsa wood that makes up the lure’s body. the only reason i caught the fish was because the because the metal of the eye transfers up the body of the lure to the front of the lure. that’s the first time that’s every happened to me.

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – andy lickel (the uwsp intervarsity campus minister) was also out on the river and that guy can catch some fish. josh and i caught out share but if it had been a competition andy would have smoked us both. i don’t know how he does it.