i’m continually updating tapestry’s website. at the moment i am working on making the f.a.q.’s better. i made myself laugh today by the answer to the question “what do i need to wear to tapestry?” here’s the answer

Clothes! You must wear clothes to everything that Tapestry does. We’re pretty strict about that.

What type of clothes you wear are completely up to you. We are all pretty casual in our clothing selections. Yet truthfully, as long as you are wearing clothes, casual or formal, you’ll get along fine.

adam and i have been sitting in the “man cave” thinking of adding some photo examples to get the point further across. the photos would be a punk rocker with the statement “ok” beside him/her. then we would add a person in formal attire and say “ok”. finally we would add a photo of adam or eve with fig leaves and say “pushing the limits”. the mental images made us laugh.

radio ad transcript

for those of you who are interested i’m putting up the initial script for our radio ad that will run on wifc & the valley. here’s the rough draft

[MX:  ROCK!!!!]


MONSTER TRUCK ANCR:  SUNDAY!  SUNDAY!  SUNDAY!  You’re gonna be BORED!  BORED!  BORED!  You’re gonna hear PREACHING and LECTURING!  You’re gonna sing the same tired hymns you’ve singing since you were 5 YEARS OLD!  You’re going to STRUGGLE to stay AWAKE the entire time!  OH YEAH!  Church is gonna be AWESOME!

[SFX:  BIG explosion]


ROBERT:  Or, maybe you could try a church that’s a little less, you know, church-y.


ROBERT:  A church like Tapestry Church in Stevens Point.  At Tapestry, we believe that faith is about Jesus, not a building or old traditions.  You’ll find someone talking with you, instead of at you.  Who knows?  You may even find that you like coming to church again.  Hi, I’m Robert Terrell the pastor of Tapestry.  If you’re feeling disconnected from your faith, see if Tapestry Church can re-connect you.  Join us for Tapestry’s first service at 6 the evening of Sunday, September 14th at Washington Elementary School in Stevens Point.  To learn more about Tapestry Church, visit us online at S-P-tapestry-dot-org.

the idea of the monster truck commercial makes me laugh.