pumkin carving night

it was pumpkin carving night at the terrell household. as always it was a ton of fun. i have a pretty great family.

here are some photos from the evening.


DSC_0001 DSC_0017_edited-1

DSC_0039_edited-1 DSC_0042_edited-1

DSC_0006 DSC_0016_edited-1

SIDE NOTE – i got to do something cool today.

up until last year i have been a youth minister. during my 18 years in youth ministry i have had some parents of students who were incredibly encouraging to me and the staff that i worked with. i know some youth ministers will complain about parents who are pains but my experience was that those parents are few and far between when compared to the encouraging parents.

anyhow, today i got the chance to prove that i learned from my experience with such great families as the pierces, the pyles, the burgers, the wilkinsons, the stines, the armstrongs, the fletchers, the walters, the forts, the austins, the haltoms, the jones, the smiths, the fraziers, etc., etc. (there are more families than i could ever count so know that if you weren’t mentioned you are probably still in the “more than i can count” group). i called up the two youth ministers who lead the youth ministry that adam is involved in (a youth ministry at tapestry is not possible right now because the only adolescent we have is named terrell) and told them that i would either like to take them both out to whatever restaurant they would like or cook jambalaya (thanks again guys and girls for the cooking stuff) for their whole staff. they chose the jambalaya and so i cooked it today and fed everyone over at woodlands church. they lead a great youth ministry and i’m glad adam is involved in it. thanks to all my previous youth ministry parents for teaching me how to treat a youth minister.

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  1. It’s more likely that we’re in the “few and far between” group!

    Especially the far between, being in Peru!

    I miss a lot of things from Louisiana, but Jambalaya is not one of them…and no I’m not being blasphemous. I just mean I can make jambalaya in Peru. I even found a pretty good sausage.

    If you don’t believe me, come down here and I’ll make you one!

  2. okay, what is pam’s pumpkin?? It looked like George Bush with a clown nose. By the way, your blog and pam’s always makes me want to move back home….i miss the midwest and seasons!

  3. My pumpkin is David Letterman…although he looks more like the victim of a terrible tragedy involving burning flash. Still, I tried.

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