i’ve always been a rat but never a lab rat until now

pam has suckered me into being recorded as a test subject for the com. d. department at uwsp. they need subjects with different accents and a southern accent is a rare commodity up here in the land of cheese. therefore, i will go into her department next week so that they can record my voice so their students can then deconstruct the whole thing. as always, i endeavor to persevere in my attempts to help educate the future leaderships of our world. 😉

SIDE NOTE – i’m presently reading jack kerouac’s book “on the road.” i’m only about half way through the book so things may change but at this point i don’t understand why it is considered such a great book. it’s okay. i’m interested in it enough to finish reading it but it doesn’t stand out as a great work of literature. maybe it’s just me.

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