the gobo sign

the tapestry sign problem has basically been solved now.

as i posted before the signage i purchased for tapestry has been rendered null and void by the fact that it is dark in stevens point by the time we start our gatherings. if you were trying to find tapestry based on signs you were out of luck. this is a problem because i would like for new people to come to tapestry.

DSC_0010_edited-1today i received the answer to our problem. it’s a gobo (i received the projector for the gobo last week). the gobo is a a small image engraved onto mirrored glass (seen to the right) that is then projected through to place the image on a flat surface. i tried the projector out last week with one of the sample gobo’s they sent along with the projector (i used the sample gobo that read “welcome” because it seemed liked a better fit than the one that read “on sale”). today the real gobo arrived and we will be ready to rock and roll come sunday. once it is put into position it will be about 10’ across and very visible from the road.

here’s what it looks like when used in the man cave.


of course, now i have to build a weather proof shelter for the projector. i tried the projector out last sunday and the light doesn’t act very friendly with snow.


4 Replies to “the gobo sign”

  1. Does it come with the bat signal?

    Is it expensive?

    Is this something you could make out of spare stuff in your garage?

    Why didn’t you use the “on sale” one??? What better way to communicate that Jesus saves?

  2. @stephen – i’ll try to answer your questions in order.
    1. nope, i would have to special order that.
    2. not compared to portable illuminated signs. the light and gobo were about $250. that’s a cheap model.
    3. might could make the light but the gobo would probably be very difficult at best.
    4. that’s bad.

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