tell me all your thoughts on GOD

sunday at tapestry we’re discussing luke 2:21-40. i know it doesn’t initially look like an incarnational passage of scripture but i am convinced it is.

so i was wondering if any of you wold share your stream of thought when you here the word “incarnation?” i’m not just looking for church answers here. anything is cool. for those unfamiliar with the word a dictionary definition of the word is:

  1. the act of incarnating.
  2. the condition of being incarnated.
  3. incarnation CHRISTianity. The doctrine that the SON of GOD was conceived in the womb of mary and that JESUS is true GOD and true man.
  4. a bodily manifestation of a supernatural being.
  5. one who is believed to personify a given abstract quality or idea.
  6. a period of time passed in a given bodily form or condition: hopes for a better life in another incarnation.

obviously i’m not looking for a dictiionary definition because i just gave you one. i’m interested in hearing people’s thoughts when they hear or think about the word.

any help here, be it from religious or non-religious sources, would be appreciated.

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