a matthew 25 type of game

gainesville players showering their coach
i don’t usually think that many sports events bare much of a witness to faith. yes, i know that a lot of games have john 3:16 signs waved in front of the tv and fingers point to heaven after points are scored but i seriously doubt that such actions convey much concerning the gospel (i’m talking about waving the sign not the scripture itself). yet i have finally read about a sports game that is a dramatic description of CHRISTian faith. you can read about the game on life of reilly.

the story is concerning grapevine faith school that decided they were going to split their fans in half and cheer for their opponent, gainesville state school, a maximum security correctional facility for 12-19 year olds. the kids on the gainesville team have finished at least half their sentences, are passing their classes, and have had no behavioral incidents. that enables them to join the team and play 9 away games with no cheering fans and no realistic chance of winning (they were 0-9 this year). grapevine coach kris hogan decided to change that and convinced parents, fans, and cheerleaders to seriously consider cheering for gainesville. they not only considered it, they adopted it whole heartedly. read the story it’s amazing.

in the 25th chapter of matthew JESUS tells the sheep that HE has just invited into the inheritance HE has prepared for them that HE is doing this because they visited HIM when HE was in prison. i think one day HE’ll be telling these fans that they cheered for HIM when HE played football.

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