the library is supposed to be a quiet place, right? it’s supposed to be a good place to be able to think and work on a paper, if you needed to do such a thing, right? so my dilemma is would i be breaking the silence policy of the library is i take the guy who is sitting behind me and throw them out a window? i’m sure this would create a good bit of noise but certainly not as much as he is making at the moment.

a few minutes ago the person sitting behind me decided that the study section of the stevens point public library was an excellent place to start a boring cell phone conversation. when i say boring i mean ice forming boring. as boring as watching snails race. in the few minutes the conversation has lasted all they have talked about is how neither one of them is doing anything. argh!

now it sounds like he has decided to start playing yathzee while he talks on the phone. i’m guessing he is doing this to add some interest to his cell phone conversation. it has to be yathzee because nothing else could explain the constant noise of him dropping several objects on the desk he is occupying. due to the privacy barrier on his desk i can’t see what it is thatt he is dropping but really it has to be dice. this guy has decided that a good way for him to spend his wednesday is to come to the library to talk on his cell phone and play yathzee. i can’t believe it.

well, i’m not getting anything done on the paper i am supposed to write so i’m going to have to talk to mr. yathzee, throw him out the plate glass window, join him in a game or two of yathzee or move – the choice will depend upon his size and demeanor which i haven’t been able to fully grasp because of the privacy barrier.

wish me luck.

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  1. I’d love to say throw him out the window but didn’t you go over this sort of situation in a walmart parking lot once?

  2. yep. this situation turned out to be better and worse. the worse part is that the guy turned out to be around 80 and my parents raised me to respect the elderly so i ended up not doing anything to stop him from making the disturbance. the better part is that i didn’t end up making a huge fool of myself. that’s a big step for me.

  3. I hate Yahtzee. They must have been seriously bored for Yahtzee to be more interesting than what they were already doing. I think joining him in a game should be your third choice.

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