the week in tweets – 2009-02-28

  • preached at First Baptist Stevens Point this morning. Nice people but it just reminded me of how much I love Tapestry. #
  • Not sure I will ever be able to look at Wolverine the same way again. #
  • tired of churches describing themselves as “the church for people who don’t like church” because it usually seems to be a load of bunk. #
  • is trying to figure out what a “church visitor” is on a church’s staff position descriptions. #
  • @dhaltom7 – i guess. of course, this was from a church with a thousand or so in regular attendance in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • @micahadam – it would probably be more honest – or they could say “you’ll think we’re cool for the next few years and then lame and move on” in reply to micahadam #
  • is wishing everyone a happy Fat Tuesday. #
  • – took Montana and Roux out for a walk in the back yard today – this equals them chasing deer. #
  • – enjoyed walking the dogs in the backyard earlier so much i decided to walk them again with pam. #
  • Today I hear white tailed deer described a the environmental equivalent of rats with antlers. Made me laugh. #
  • Today I heard white tailed deer described as the environmental equivalent of rats with antlers. Made me laugh. #
  • @joecausey – I know your fear, stay strong and true. in reply to joecausey #
  • @calvinb – firefox all the way baby! in reply to calvinb #
  • The danger is we can begin to read the Bible through the eyes of America rather than America through the eyes of the Bible – Claiborne #
  • @bradwenner that’s funny in reply to bradwenner #

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it worked

two weeks ago i posted about sending a usb hub back to the manufacturer to get them to replace it or throw it away. i’m glad to report that kikkerland sent me a new one. it cost me $1.25 to mail it back to kikkerland and a handwritten note asking them to stand behind the product or throw it away for me but i now have a new working usb hub.

SIDE NOTE – 1st question – anyone interested in a little bracket competition for the ncaa tournament?

SIDE SIDE NOTE – 2nd question – anyone in stevens point interested in forming a team for this year’s trivia contest?

pick your poison

luke 14 - jan 25, 2008 #25/366
yesterday morning i was given the opportunity to fill in as preacher at first baptist church in stevens point. the pastor glenn is retiring this year and is trying to take advantage of all the vacation time he has accrued. glenn is a great guy who has been a lot of help to me in getting adjusted to stevens point.

anyhow i love tapestry and the fact that people talk back to me when i’m speaking (i’m even more excited about the future because i believe we are going to develop new ways for people to participate more in our worship gatherings). my previous time at first baptist (i spoke there in 2007) was kind of a “i will sit down and stare at you while you speak” type of experience. basically very unlike tapestry. therefore, i thought i would start things off trying something different. i gave them two sermon subjects and told them that they had to vote on which one they wanted us to discuss. these were both subjects that i had put a lot of research into previously – one that i had never spoken on but had study in a doctoral seminar on jeremiah and another that i had spoken on once before. i felt both were appropriate for the crowd that was there.

the look on their faces was well worth it. they instantly developed a “deer in the headlights” look. i think it helped a little with encouraging participation (they spoke a little more than last time) but at the very least it made me smile. the best part is that if they didn’t like the message they ultimately have no one to blame but themselves because they chose the message. i’m sure the other one would have been much better. 😉

the week in tweets – 2009-02-21

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jambalaya training

cold jambalaya
as many of you know i have used a good bit the jambalaya pot and equipment that parkview, jess, meg, and josh gave me when i left baton rouge. yesterday i was using it to cook the weekly meal for “the place of peace” and had a first time experience. “the place of peace” is a wonderful group that is affiliated with the catholic worker movement. volunteers provide a free meal for anyone who needs it. anyway yesterday they ate jambalaya. that wasn’t the first time experience because i’ve cooked for them before.

the first time experience was that i had the opportunity to teach someone how to make jambalaya. ben sheets is the associate pastor at good shepherd lutheran church and sunday he is leading the good shepherd youth in doing a jambalaya fundraiser to support their summer trip conference/mission trip to new orleans. so ben came over and went through the jambalaya making process with me. that was the first.

the student (josh taught me how to cook jambalaya) has finally become the teacher.

i'm an enabler

i think i may have developed co-dependent deer. thanks to the corn that i place in the back yard all the time we now have deer that come to our backyard and are not the least bit concerned about our dogs barking at the sliding glass doors. that has to be against the normal deer instincts, right?

i actually think that montana and roux are a little offended that the deer seem to have no fear of their barking. i keep telling them that they really are terrifying bassets but i don’t think my words have convinced them.