not so much

bright and early tomorrow morning i will leave for new orleans for my class for this trimester. i will go from a beautiful snow covered land of 15° to a swamp of 44° (present temp on both). don’t get me wrong, i like louisiana and i love the poeple there, but I LOVE WISCONSIN and of course i love the people here too.

anyhow, i promise you that during my stay in NOLA i will be jokingly asked several times, “aren’t you glad to be down here where it’s warm?” i’ll smile back, be nice to them, and probably even nod a little but the real answer is that i love the winter here in wisconsin. yes it gets cold but that’s small price to pay for ice fishing, curling, sledding, and snow skiing. for example, this afternoon pam and i had an hour before we needed to leave for tapestry so we decided to go cross country skiing in the woods behind our house. that’s right! we didn’t have to travel, there was no cost, and it really wasn’t a big todo. we just grabbed our stuff and walked out our back door.

so while i am going to be pumped about seeing some people that i love (i get to stay at josh’s, which is always a blast), i am definitely not going to be excited about being in the warm, humid weather. instead i will probably be thinking, “if this was in wisconsin i could go skiing after class.”

here are a few photos from this afternoon. jealous?


IMG_1222 IMG_1228_edited-1

that's right, pam fell down IMG_1224

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