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the above image is my very simple design for a wall we can write on in tapestry over the next four weeks. the idea is that we will have places to write & draw examples of life defeating death. i want something that has some solidness to it. i had thought about using easels and sheets of paper but that’s not really as solid as i would like and easels and large note pads are pricey. therefore, i am toying around with the idea of taking two hollow core doors ($26.95 each), placing shelf brackets ($1.47 each x 4) on each bottom corner, and then painting them black (for a cost of $32.83 each excluding black paint which is 94¢ a can). i think this will give me a couple of sturdy “walls” for people to write on. an added benefit is that i should be able to continue to paint these things and use them again and again.

of course, i am open to suggestions. anybody have a better idea? i will gladly swap to something better.

SIDE NOTE – the yellowish tint of the scanned image is the paper of my moleskine.

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  1. We’re painting a permanent prayer wall with a dark gray paint and using chalk markers that sidewalk cafes use for their menu boards.

    The chalk markers pop on the gray, easy to write, easy to see and the chalk markers wipe off with a wet rag so we don’t have to paint over and over again.

  2. i’ve thought about doing it as a chalk board but i want what is written to be with us for the month. i’m afraid chalk wouldn’t survive the nomadic nature our our situation. do you think it would survive?

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