resurrection just gets better and better

i worked out the final plans for painting with lisa, the salvation army hope center administrator. we (tapestry) will be painting tuesday (during the day and late afternoon), saturday (late morning through early afternoon) and sunday morning (early morning till lunch). so this means that we will begin our easter celebration on easter sunday morning by painting rooms for 26 men and women who have no other place to go. not a bad way to start off celebrating JESUS’s resurrection.

it got even better today. while i was talking with lisa i asked what they were doing for easter lunch. she said no one had volunteered to do anything and therefore the residents would just put together whatever they find. so tapestry is going to cook and eat easter lunch with the residents of the hope center. matthew 25 says that when we give food and drink to the most needed in our culture then we are giving it to HIM. i believe that to be true and therefore i believe that we will get to begin out easter celebration by cooking and eating easter lunch with JESUS.

i’m pretty excited about that.

if you are a tapestrite or will be in the point area over easter and you would like to be a part of this email me and i’ll get you all the information.

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