deer scare

i had a close encounter with one of our backyard deer this afternoon.

i was by our squirrel feeder loading it with more corn when out of the corner of my eye i saw a shape moving toward me fast. i turned around to see a deer about 10′ away from me running at full tilt in my direction. immediately i realized that what i was encountering was one of the rare wisconsin rabid killer deer. they’re vicious and there is only one way to rescue yourself from them. i screamed “AHHHHHHHH!” and lifted my hands up to shield by face from the impact. this had the desired response and scared the deer into changing directions, right into a tree. the killer deer slammed into the large sapling and flipped onto its back. graceful creatures my butt.

anyhow the rabid but now scared deer finally got back on its feet and dizzily ran about 30 feet off to get its head straight. it was a bit of an odd experience for both of us.

SIDE NOTE – tapestry is team #4360 in this year’s town wide trivia contest. stevens point is the home of the world’s largest trivia contest. it starts friday and last 24 hours a day until sunday at 11:59:59 pm. it should be cool. we do not stand a chance of winning but we do hope to learn what to do in future years. our goal is to be in the top 2,000 teams.

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