the week in tweets – 2009-04-18

  • celebrating Resurrection day by painting and eating at the Hope Center. #
  • Very thankful that people danced tonight at Tapestry – No parking baby! No parking on the dance floor! #
  • – film & theology ’09 4.21 – Showing of “Slumdog Millionaire” with faith discussion of the film’s message after … #
  • @allimill – thanks and no worries, i don’t think you are a stalker. i post that stuff up for people to read. in reply to allimill #
  • Great having coffee with @ppolnaszek & @johnthemember this morning. Enjoy the game guys. #
  • “We’re Easter people living in a Good Friday world” – from a friend of Anne Lamott #
  • @KenNichols – what did you end up doing for Tenebrae? How did it go? in reply to KenNichols #
  • @johnthemember – very odd that your @mention from earlier doesn’t show up on my @replies. I think my twitter feed is mad at you. in reply to johnthemember #
  • RT @bsheets: RT @markrsmith Quote from Shane Claiborne – The church is like Noah’s Ark. It’s stinky inside but if you go outside you drown #
  • @KenNichols – i’m glad it went well. in reply to KenNichols #
  • @meganckelly: so you’ve finally committed to this whole “ministering in baton rouge” thing? do you think you might be rushing this decision? #
  • I didn’t know that the dad from “Meet the Parents” was on the Island to induct them into the circle of trust. I hope they aren’t potheads. #
  • It’s funny when many pastors say “my church” and mean ownership. Not only is it CHRIST’s and not theirs but they aren’t there enough to own. #
  • @DaddyGriffis – does this indicate that you were stuck somewhere with a non-starting auto? in reply to DaddyGriffis #
  • Sitting in the UWSP Communicative Disorders awards banquet. It’s like the Oscars for Speech Pathology only without acceptance speeches. #
  • Now I have to change the no acceptance speech statement. Crap! #
  • Trivia Weekend has begun and I just called in our first answer. #
  • @ringorang – it’s great. 3 threads of tapestry is our team in reply to ringorang #
  • Trivia pizza run. Here we come Polito’s! #
  • right now in trivia we are 112th out of 416. #
  • 10 hours of trivia! #
  • calling any Tapestry people interested in trivia! Come on over! #
  • what character can’t stand “age spots” on a a banana? #
  • @jasongaylor is giving away free vector sets of Stitchy Circles today ($29 value). #
  • I think I just saved an answer by SHOUTING “NO! NO! NO! NO! IT’S $441.29” before they hung up – oh how I hope I saved it. #
  • oh yes we just slapchopped that #trivia #
  • i need aliitle help with the 2nd song clue – our recorded stopped early. any help? #trivia #
  • calling all tapestry threads to come back to the house when you can – the more people the easier #
  • anyone know who this is? it’s a #trivia thing #
  • @hubbacm – the excitement keeps me up at night. 😉 in reply to hubbacm #
  • Crap! That’s about all I have to say. Crap! #trivia40 #
  • @bsheets – yes it was #trivia40 in reply to bsheets #
  • yes! it pays to have kids who watch nick #trivia40 #
  • we’re presently 153rd out of 416 teams – not bad for newbies #
  • @ppolnaszek – that’s limited to the top 75 😉 in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • we were interview for trivia focus and should be on sometime soon #trivia40 #

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