the week in tweets – 2009-05-02

  • Heading to the Appleton airport to go to Austin and Q. #
  • On the plane finally. #
  • I made it onto my connecting flight by the slightest of margins. Now to Austin. #
  • Finally in Austin. #
  • ??? B??r2( :??a:H^???t???0????? ????3?~???axyN??Y?fz]f??n2??.??ewY0f??????.???9?m?? s??~?At??(&?] *:?^?A??($.??g??>F?????(????p’?.?? #
  • Just heard a great report from tonight’s Tapestry, Mike’s sermon, and the awesomeness of my fellow “threads.” Thanks for being the Church! #
  • Just signed in for Q and I recieved more stuff than at any other conference i’ve been to. Most be 6 books in the bag. #Q2009 #
  • – It has begun #Q2009 #
  • Alan Hirsch is speaking about cultural distance at the moment #Q2009 #
  • I think Ted Haggard is here. Really?!?! #Q2009 #
  • Cool lectures on the future of suburbs and the city. Joel Kotkin & Dave Goetz #Q2009 #
  • Now I have to walk 7 blocks in the rain! Great. #Q2009 #
  • Session 2 is beginning and I’ve been chatting with some Compassion International people #Q2009 #
  • Andy Crouch kicked butt and now we are about to discuss a post atomic world #Q2009 #
  • Need to look into Go there now. #Q2009 #
  • Sign it a closed store “Closed Due To Economy” Hampton suggests it is probably because their service sucked. #Q2009 #
  • @nate_ray – irony of ironies – i met john burke today at Q. the tweet you replied to was concerning cocktail drums so i was confused. in reply to nate_ray #
  • @lexikate – bill hampton is one of ramsey’s guys on the show and in the biz. not sure but i think ramsey may have got it from hampton first. in reply to lexikate #
  • @mcschobert – you’re wrong sir – up there i would have an umbrella, rain coat, auto, etc. 😉 in reply to mcschobert #
  • – Q gets better and better – just saw the weinermobile #
  • Looks k #
  • Something has happened with my laptop and i’m internetless #
  • Crowder is chaotic. #Q2009 #
  • Best Tim Keel line “he your gospel is just about going to heaven then your gospel is too small” #Q2009 #
  • In a lunch with Tyler Wiggs-Stevenson on nuclear disarmament. Interesting. #Q2009 #
  • George P. Bush was ok. Good points. Ok presentation. #Q2009 #
  • I haven’t paid for a single meal today! Woohoo for working the system! #Q2009 #
  • Listenin to Over the Rhine. Mhmm #Q2009 #
  • Is it sad that I have already signed up for next year’s Q? It’s in Chicago. Anybody interested in going with me? #Q2009 #
  • At the Austin airport and waiting to start the long trip home. #
  • Not so sure a book dealing with “LIFE AFTER life after death” is the best choice right before flying into bad weather. #
  • On the plane to Appleton and someone is already releasing gas. Must not be Wisconsin people because regular cheese intact would stop that. #

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