a busy example

thought this was funny considering my last post.

i had a conversation with someone today concerning hostas. the person i had the conversation with is an amazing gardener. i on the other hand am just a person trying to have a decently respectable yard – and i’m pretty much failing at that goal. anyhow in the process of the discussion composting was mentioned and i stated that i had begun doing it. she then declared that she was too busy to do composting. personally, i don’t care if she composts or not. i am not a composting evangelist. i believe that every person has the right to choose for themselves without any fear of judgment or retribution from any gardening authorities whether they want to compost or not. it’s a free country and the decision to compost or not to compost should therefore be a free choice. i’ll fight for that right.

the reason it was funny to me was the fact that her excuse was that she was too busy. too busy? you should see the amount of work she puts into your yard. it’s gorgeous. the yard requires a lot of work but composting? composting involves mixing a pile of leaves and greens once a month and adding water to it once a week or so. this is not a great deal of work. i probably should also point out that she is retired.

for me it was a great example of saying “too busy” when what you really mean is “it’s not something i want to do right now.” when did it become a bad thing to say ‘i’m just not that in to that,” or “”i don’t want to do that”? why does everything have to be excused with “i’m too busy for that”?

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