my geek chart

ratterrell’s geek chart

geek chart maps out your online social content and displays it. apparently i am much more prolific on my blog and twitter than anything else. i think when they add facebook the leading percentage will change. this is because of the fact that everything i do online links back to my facebook account.

SIDE NOTE – anyone interested in teaming up with me to run the Fall 50? i’m training for the chicago marathon on october 11th and therefore don’t think i could get ready for a 50 miler two weeks afterward. however, i would love to run this race with a team. we can have from 2-5 people. my hope is for 3-5. anyway, it would be cool to run an ultramarathon even if it is only as a relay. if you are interested or have a team that needs a slow member, then let me know.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i think all my missouri friends will enjoy knowing that we have wild rhubarb growing in our backyard. i don’t really care for rhubarb pie so we will just use the plants for ornamental purposes.

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