pam is back

pam is back from brazil so life is back to normal. ah normality. it is wonderful.

SIDE NOTE – i am ready for the cavs to loose to the magic. i’m just getting a little tired of the lebron love-fest. i think some of the commentators should just go ahead and kiss lebron james on the lips. it’s pretty obvious that is what they are desiring to do. he is an amazing player. there is no doubt about that. yet there are other players on the court and it seems a little strange to brag so much on a player whose team is losing 3 games to 2.

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  1. Thank you! You have turned the corner:-) I don’t have anything against the Cavs either, but they do love Lebron….he is dominant, no doubt about it, but come on…..

    It probably doesn’t matter anyway, as the West looks strong.

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