not a sport for me

i could never do this because, as anyone who knows me can tell you, i have really weak shins. it’s a curse.

SIDE NOTE – i promise that i actually know when my dad’s birthday is.

a couple of years ago i went through two years of forgetting to call my parent’s on their birthdays. it was awful. i felt absolutely terrible. i know when their birthdays are but for some reason i forgot to call on two occasions. i like to blame it on all the junk that was going on at my former church/work but the truth is it was my fault. my parents deserve better than that. that’s why i put my parents’ birthdays on my google calendar and set google calendar to send me a text message reminder before each birthday. i received the reminder for dad’s birthday last night and since i usually receive these text message reminders one day before an event i immediately posted something on my blog and called mom and dad’s house to leave a message on their voice mail. i’m not sure how i started thinking it was june 5th. my mom even emailed me saying “your dad’s birthday is on june 5th.” for some reason i just thought mom was just sending kenny (my brother) and i a reminder of dad’s birthday. i actually mentally congratulated myself for beating my mom to the punch. it wasn’t until around lunch that i finally realized that it is may 29th and not june 5th. stupid! that’s what they call me.

anyhow, my dad’s birthday is on june 5th if you want to wish him happy birthday on the right date.

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