the most intersting board meeting

roofing & board meeting
saturday i was a part of the most interesting board meeting i’ve ever been in. part of this is because i love the organisation. it is touched twice united. obviously i believe in ttu’s mission since i am on the board and since tapestry is going to be leading a ttu clinic in august. i love being a part of the ttu meetings because they invariablly end up being events where GOD is bragged on. every time i am at one of the ttu meetings i always hear great stories concerning amazing things that GOD is doing through HIS people. they are great.

the second reason i liked this meeting was because i took part in it while i was helping some friends roof their house. the holte’s are re-decking and roofing their house and i helped them saturday morning while participating in the ttu board meeting over my cell phone.

it was one of the few meetings in my life that i actually enjoyed. i think sometime i may purposefully schedule a meeting for while we roof a house.

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