that’s a lie

a long time ago i taught adam and noah to always remember that commercials are trying to sell you something. part of what i taught them was to shout at commercials “that’s a lie” when you see an obvious commercial claim concerning something that can’t be true. we don’t do it all the time because not ever commercial is blatantly lying. yet when we see a commercial that makes claims of purpose and meaning coming from the consumption of a product you will often hear someone in the terrell house shout “THAT’S A LIFE!”. the above hersey’s chocolate commercial is an example of one of the commercials we would shout at.

first, let me say that i am a huge fan of hersey’s chocolate. i love me a hersey’s bar with almonds. mhmmm. yet this commercial is a complete lie. what are hersey’s bars made of? apparently pure togetherness and  friendship that spans the world of skinny people. come on!?!?!?!? have you ever had anybody call you and say “hey, i’m going to go grab a hersey’s bar, would you like to come along?” i doubt it.

i hate it when commercials make claims about metaneeds. it’s just a candy bar folks.

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