i feel like a poser


i have finally given in to devon.

i’m not a huge fan of headworn mics. they feel pretty poserish to me. i blame this on the the friends that i used to work with in the parkview church youth ministry suite. they always referred to headworn mics as “dirty pop” mics and therefore i have always felt like wearing one of those mics was just an attempt to look like “the cool pastor.” i’m not a “cool pastor.” in fact i’m pretty close to as far from being the “cool pastor” as you can be (is there a such thing as the “uncool pastor” stereotype?) just ask devon. he came to tapestry last week wearing what he called my sunday uniform … a sweater vest and jeans (i do love a sweater vest).

the problem is that that i am regularly told that quality hearing at washington elementary school is determined by the direction you are speaking. so if i’m speaking to the left, then the left can hear fine. unfortunately the right side can’t hear at all. this really became a problem a couple of weeks ago when we held our worship gathering “in the round.” people said my “conspiratorial whisper” (apparently the tone i get when i start talking softer) was impossible to hear unless i was looking straight at them.

now you may be saying “get a lavalier microphone.” i have one and it works ok but not great. of course, i could also just give up my whisper but i love to whisper.

devon (our sound guys) has been telling me to get a headworn mic for a year now. when i told him about my feelings concerning them his response was simple. “well that’s your own stupid thoughts .. they work better and you should get one.” that’s really one of the things i love about tapestry – nobody is afraid to call me out when i am being stupid.

so i just bought a “blemished” (of course) audio technica mic. which means everyone should be able to hear my “conspirorial whisper” next sunday. woohoo!

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  1. FINALLY! Geez… I'm excited to try that bad boy out! I was actually just looking at the same one yesterday and doing some reviews on it at work. 😉 I think that you made a good choice.

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