“this american life” & netflix


i’ve mentioned “this american life” a few times before. i love it. ira glass and all those involved with “”life” do an incredible job of telling stories. i save it in my weekly podcast rotation much like i save my favorite part of a meal to eat last. i want the goodness of “life” to be the last thing my ears remember from all the quality podcasts that i listen to.

that’s why i was so pleasantly surprised recently when i found out that i could stream the “this american life” showtime series on my netflix account. as usually happens when pamela is gone i’ve been having a hard time falling asleep. you get used to the sound and feeling of someone in the bed next to you and then when she’s not there it throws off your circadian rhythm. thus absence and sleep deprivation make the heart grow fonder. i’ll sleep sometime after pamela gets back to the states.

anyhow last night while letting adam and noah play on the xbox 360 i thought i would search through the instant queue on our netflix account. that’s when i found two seasons of “this american life.” JACKPOT! during the rest of the night while my eyes may have been glazing over my brain smiled as i watched both seasons. mhmmm! i like surprises like that.

SIDE NOTE – try as i might i can’t get any of the facebook comment plugins for wordpress to work. they never actually bring any of the comments from the notes that form on facebook from my blog posts to come back over here. if anyone has been able to get a facebook comment plugin to work and wouldn’t mind helping a brother out i would be extremely grateful.

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