beaker was always my favorite part of the muppet show (which i watched religiously). this video is just a little modern bit of the beauty that is beaker. i miss the muppet show.

SIDE NOTE – my dad called me today to ask if he could borrow my snow thrower. turns out that mobile, alabama is supposed to get between 2”-6” of snow tonight and tomorrow. it has been over a decade since mobile has had snow. it should be fun watching the news coverage of my fellow johnny rebs attempt to drive in the white stuff.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i am very excited that the winter olympics begin tomorrow and thanks to me renegotiating our cable with charter and thereby cutting our price in half and getting hd i am going to get to watch curling in hd. woohoo! in case you are wondering the us team’s first game (part of the initial round robin) is at 9 am february 16th.

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