i love it when people make something work rather than buying some prepackaged thing that someone else produces. we (the u.s. of a.) tend to be a nation of consumers rather than producers. that’s why i love it when someone or some organization sees something and say to themselves “i can make something of that or at least make something better.” adam found the above exercise bike on the side of the road and then decided that he could develop a table for it so that he could pedal while he works. adam is a graphic designer so he sits in front of his computer quite a bit. this is the first stage which is merely a mock up to make sure the idea works. i can’t wait to see the final stage.

i wish churches would do more creating rather than consuming. most churches consume programs developed in other regions for other people that have little, if anything, to do with the cultures in which they live in. at their best these programs are used merely as frameworks that are adjusted to the people and culture. at their worst the programs are rigid and the church leadership expects everyone else to adjust to them. i wish we all would create more. this doesn’t mean that everything will be different from church to church but it does mean that a group’s “finger prints” will be all over whatever they do. the programs they use will “look” like them, instead of looking like every other church in the nation that is using that resource. if we don’t feel like we can create something entirely new, we should at least “hack” what we find out there.

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