random thoughts

  • pam and i are a couple of weeks behind in watching “lost.” right now i have mixed feelings about how it is going. i am thankful that this will be the last year. i would hate to see it continue going.
  • i’ve been doing more cross country skiing over the past week and i am now intrigued with the idea of doing the birkie. the birkie is a 55k (34.1 miles) cross country skiing race. it happened yesterday. i’m not sure that i could be ready for it by next year but i could try for the kortelopet 23K (which happens with the birkie).
  • i have loved the winter olympics but i am glad that it is almost over. i’ve hit the max of my winter sports watching limit.
  • as one of the stevens point police chaplains i get to go to a seminar on death notification – how’s that for exciting?
  • the q conference is two months away and i am pretty pumped about it.
  • i started growing a goatee about 4 weeks ago and it is finally reaching a point that i like it. we’ll just have to see if i actually keep it or not.

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