audience of one

i had a hard time sleeping last night (probably the coffee at tapestry (i would do decaf if everyone else was cool with it but unfortunately they are not) so i watched “audience of one” off of our netflix que. wow!

i love a good documentary and this is one. this is a good one. it follows the the mission of richard gazowsky, pastor of voice of pentecost and founder of wysiwyg filmworks. richard gazowsky is convinced that GOD told him to make the world’s greatest movie, a combination of star wars and the 10 commandments. the documentary is about him and wysiwyg trying to make the movie. they complete two scenes. again wow!

i truly believe that GOD calls us to do things that we think are impossible. yet i think the stories of scripture show GOD calling us to things different from making major motion pictures. for some reason telling people you have 50 … no … 100 … no 200 million dollars worth of funding when you actually only have in the thousands doesn’t really seem to me the way that JESUS does business.

anyhow it was an interesting movie to watch late at night.

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