belts and passion

eric passing out coffee to amanda, laura, and jackson

belt’s soft serve ice cream opened for the 2010 season today. belt’s is amazing ice cream and it is a stevens point institution. part of the tradition in the point area is that people camp out at belt’s the night before it opens so that they can be first in line when the service windows open up. typically the first 10 to 15 people get a t-shirt and the first 100 get a free glass. people sleep out in the parking lot for the opening even when the weather is significantly below zero. two years ago some crazy people were sleeping in the parking lot even though the ambient temperature was around -25°. i love it when people are committed to things to the point that they are willing to put themselves out. passionate people are cool. passionate people go to extremes to achieve their goals. that’s something i love even if it is just that they are willing to freeze in order to get a free t-shirt.

i believe that we should celebrate such passion. that’s why for the past three years i and tapestry (once it started) have taken emy j’s coffee to belt’s to give away to those who have camped out. since belt’s opened today eric glaze and i took coffee once again to the parking lot and passed it out. we gave away 5 air pots worth of coffee to those cold souls. it was a ton of fun talking with everyone and enjoying the excitement of the crowd that was there.

i love living in point.

the crowd two hours before opening

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