tell it slant

tell_it_slant_eugene_peterson when i am training for a race i run the following times of runs:

  • easy runs – 3 times a week – these are just maintenance miles to build up my weekly mileage.
  • speedwork / hill work – 1 time a week – i run a fartlek or any hills i can find or intervals on a track.
  • long run – 1 time a week – this is to build my endurance

anyway on my easy and long runs i like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks (i can’t listen to them during my speedwork because they make me run slow – or should i say slower). yesterday i finished listening to “tell it slant: a conversation on the language of JESUS in HIS stories and prayers by eugene peterson. i love peterson. i loved the way he writes and what he writes about.

in “tell it slant” peterson turns his wonderful intellect towards the parables and prayers of JESUS. peterson focused on the “slanted” way that JESUS used language and stories to cause HIS listeners to consider aspects of their lives and faith in new manners. JESUS used words to catch HIS listeners off guard and then point them to what life is really all about. 

any book that i listen to while running needs to be pretty good and have a decently quick pace in order to keep my attention. “tell it slant” was perfect for this. peterson does a great job of conveying depth in a manner that is still enjoyable enough to hold a slow runner’s attention.

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