the week in tweets – 2010-05-02

  • since mentioning him tonight at @sptapestry the whole family has been discussing how much we miss johnny b. #
  • the mohel circumcised my finger! #
  • i just got the phone call! my bike has come into the shop! i'll go pick it up in a little while! #
  • @meganckelly – you would know how wonderful the scenery is if you would come up 🙂 if u could bring johnny b with u we would appreciate it. in reply to meganckelly #
  • @Jwill193 – you have surgery tomorrow? in reply to Jwill193 #
  • just picked up my bike from campus cycle. now it is time to go for a ride and prepare for tonight's small group – #
  • @meganckelly – YEAH for @jwilmore. btw why is your profile pic still green? #
  • Eating at Green Tea with Pam and the advice on my placemat is "Watch out for Dragons!" Sound advice. #
  • And Q begins! #
  • Looking around #QIdeas I am constantly reminded how unhip I am. #
  • i just ran back to the hotel because i forgot my phone so i'm missing a little of #qideas at the moment. i want to say WOW to this morn #
  • alister mcgrath really is amazing! i loved the lunch that he just spoke at. @Qideas #
  • i was going to wake up early this morning and run in downtown chicago and along the lake once again. the key word here is "was." #
  • there's such a thing as the "lifeway pastoral leadership award"? really? please tell me this is a joke. please. pretty please. #
  • i am now home so Q 2010 is officially over for me. next year in portland! #
  • @Jwill193 – i would love to stay with you and tom if y'all have have room at that time. of course @pamelaaugust maybe coming too. in reply to Jwill193 #
  • @mike_shipp – you should plan on going to @Qideas next year. you would love it. no matter what i'll make sure and get you when there. in reply to mike_shipp #

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