illustration FAIL

my diagram

i’ll talk about the q conference later. right now i want to talk about the above photo. last night i had the privilege of eating a meal with 3 of the 4 members of the pierce family. the peirces are people that we know from when i was the youth minister at the first baptist church of carthage, missouri. pam and i love them. they are some of my favorite people. so when it worked out that they were going to be in chicago on the same day that i was going to be in town for q we all wanted to grab a meal.

the above stick drawing is something i drew out as a part of the discussion that bart and i where having during supper. some of you know that i love to draw things that illustrate what i am thinking. it’s how my mind works and i believe it helps me to better wrap my mind around things. so naturally when bart and i began talking i pulled out a pen and started drawing things on the paper table clothe that our table was covered with. i drew out a basic stick diagram of a mountain pass that bart, matt (his son), i, and some other friends had walked through during a backpacking trip in 2001. i used the diagram and experience to connect with what we were talking about at the moment.

i would say that i did a pretty good job of visually connecting a very hypothetical discussion except for one thing …


that’s right, i drew out a diagram for a friend who is legally blind and has been legally blind for quite sometime. it’s not like i didn’t realize that bart is legally blind. nope. i just never stopped to think “why am i drawing something for bart?” matt sat right beside me and just laughed at me. thanks matt.

to quote my boys – EPIC FAIL!

of course, perry has picked up on spiritual issues concerning this.

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  1. Epic Success!

    The drawings help you think and when those thoughts become words, you are communicating/teaching. Those drawings help others, but only indirectly.

    I do the same and have come to the same realization….and I ain’t no artist.

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